Details of your driving licence can be accessed pan-India now

Mumbai: Your driving licence and car registration details can now be accessed by enforcement agencies—including traffic police and RTOs —across the country.

State transport department sources informed TOI that the car registration database of 44 RTOs across Maharashtra was recently interlinked and the same has been uploaded on central NIC servers in Delhi. This means details of your car registration can be accessed by any law enforcement agency to prosecute you for any traffic-related offence across India, officials said. So, if a vehicle is caught for an offence in another state, local police can access the records—details such as vehicle owner, car registration year, place and chassis number— from the central server at the flick of a few keys.

Enforcement officers from other states can also use hand-held devices to access this data while conducting surprise checks on roads and highways.

“The new system will also help us identify suspicious vehicles anywhere in the country,” said a senior official. “If it is a Maharashtra-registered vehicle, officials from other states need not contact their counterparts here. Instead they can rely on the central server for any information about the vehicle and whether it is missing or was detained for any offences in the past,” he said.

Similarly, the driving licence database of 37 RTOs across Maharashtra, including those of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai (Vashi) RTOs, has now been interlinked and put up on the central server. “So, one has to simply key in the licence number to get all details of the driving licence holder. You can check the licence from any part of the country in the near future,” the official stated.

The entire database of Mumbai (island city, eastern and western suburbs RTOs), Thane and Navi Mumbai (Vashi) have been uploaded to the central server, officials said. Thane has 19.44 lakh registered vehicles while Vashi RTO has 3.92 lakh vehicles, whose information has been uploaded, sources said. Mumbai has more than 30 lakh vehicles, which includes 9 lakh private cars and nearly 18 lakh two-wheelers.

A senior RTO official said the database has been uploaded on the main server through the newly introduced Vahan 4.0 (car registrations) and the Sarathi (licence) softwares. “We have already switched to the upgraded software at all RTOs for new vehicle registrations and for issuing learners and permanent driving licences,” the official stated.

RTOs in Mumbai have digitised almost 80% of car registration data, and these are mainly vehicles registered from 2006 onwards. “As for vehicles prior to 2006, most of the data will be redundant as the cars will have to be compulsorily brought for inspection at local RTOs after completing 15 years. During the re-registration, the data will be digitised,” an official said.

Officials said Mumbai traffic police have full access to the central servers, and they can use information of every car driver or his vehicle details to issue e-challans for offences like drunken driving, signal jumping, speeding, etc.

“The NIC is creating a new app for the RTO to prosecute offenders and issue e-challans and the trials are on. This app can be used through hand-held devices and will help the RTO flying squad prosecute offenders on-the-spot in future,” a senior official added.

Source:- economictimes