With a DigiYatra ID, Paperless air travel soon! Know How it works?

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Airports across India have joined their forces to create a unique paperless boarding facility for all air passengers. Called as DigiYatra ID, this can be a revolution in the aviation sector.

And the most
interesting part: Although this will be based on biometric data, Aadhaar won’t be mandatory here.

DigiYatra ID = Paperless Boarding :-

Airports Authority of India (AAI) along with the four metro airports have collaborated to create a unique DigiYatra for passengers, using which anyone can do paperless boarding, and enter the aircraft in no time.

A single biometric ‘pass’ would be created, which can be used to unlock eGates at various airports, and regular tasks such as check-ins, security clearances etc can be seamlessly done.

No ID card or verification would be required, once biometric-based authentication is done.

Guruprasad Mohapatra told “We have sent this proposal to the ministry. Once approved by the ministry, the DGCA will need to mandate it. We have selected three airports, including Varanasi and Vijaywada, for rolling out DY (DigiYatra)”

Note here, that this paperless facility to board and enter airports is purely voluntary, and if a passenger doesn’t want this, they can continue to access the traditional way.

DigiYatra Based Travel: How Will It Work?

DigiYatra will carry on via AirSewa portal, here is the process…………..Read More>>

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